Melody Moore is “radiant” and “Met-ready” in HOT’s ‘Dutchman’

Reprising her role as Senta in Francesca Zambello’s production of Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman), Melody Moore made a spectacular impact on critics and audiences at the Hawaii Opera Theatre:

“The leading singers are excellent . . . Melody Moore (Senta) is Met-ready. The arias and duets are thrilling.”
Hester Lewellen – Hitting the Stage

“This production of “Flying Dutchman” foregrounds Senta, sung by Melody Moore. Moore dominated the stage, her large, clarion soprano soaring above full orchestra and chorus. Her dynamic control afforded a wide emotional range, and her tight vibrato and focused tone drove her obsession.”
Ruth Bingham – Honolulu Pulse

“The youthful cast is strong. Melody Moore is radiant as Senta, and has a lovely vulnerability.”
The Opera Tattler