Critical acclaim for Melody’s portrayal of Freia in WNO’s ‘Das Rheingold’

“American Soprano Melody Moore worked wonders with her character of Freia (Sister to Fricka). Ms. Moore’s stunning Soprano was employed to its utmost effect as he expressed her peril at being used as ransom (for her brother-in-law’s building of his own elaborate home, deemed as “Valhalla”). Ms. Moore also employed a sublime sense of humor when being returned by her captors and, consequently, almost being buried alive with mounds of gold!”

David Friscic – DC Metro Theater Arts

“Melody Moore sang warmly as Freia . . .”

Tim Smith – Opera News

“Melody Moore rounds out the clan, settling into a warm, womanly sound for Freia. Moore has a unique assignment in this production—Freia returns from her time in Riesenheim having fallen for captor Fasolt, and must genuinely mourn his murder by Fawner … the rich-girl-gone-bad trope works in the context of the production and Moore played it effectively …”

Alex Baker –

“In smaller roles, Melody Moore (Freia), Mime (David Cangelosi), and lesser gods Donner (bass-baritone Ryan McKinny) and Froh (tenor Richard Cox) sang and articulated their characters with great skill.”

Terry Ponick – CDN