“Soprano Melody Moore, last seen at HGO as Senta in Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, stands out as Amneris, exploring this traditionally mezzo-soprano role with considerable depth. In the beginning, her performance leans toward comedy as she tricks Aida into revealing her love for Radames, but after she exposes her rival, she drops the playfulness to reveal imperious cruelty, conveyed through her robust tone in its middle and lower registers. Her resurgence in the opera’s final act as an ostensibly sympathetic character is a curious story choice, but Moore… makes the most of it, singing with full conviction of her love for Radames and grief over what has transpired.”

Houstonia Magazine

“Soprano Melody Moore, as jealous Amneris, daughter of Pharaoh who’s also in love with Radames, has a powerhouse voice … Her confrontation scene with Aida was dramatically striking, and her plangent last words sung above the tomb of her unrequited lover, “Pace, Pace, Pace,” were a benediction made from tears.”

Houston Press

“At the start of Act 2, Moore gave an especially cozy turn to Amneris’s sinuous phrases invoking Radamès; when Amneris pretended to be Aida’s friend, Moore’s light, conversational delivery made the pretense convincing.

And whenever the music took off above the staff, her voice welled up with a vibrancy and focus that equalled Wilson’s. Moore helped generate the ensembles’ electricity, and her abandon enabled the Judgment Scene to give Aida’s theatrics a walloping climax. ”

Texas Classical Review

“Fellow soprano Melody Moore, as Amneris, proves a worthy foil for Aida dramatically and vocally.”

Houston Chronicle

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Il soprano americano Melody Moore è uno dei talenti statunitensi più in vista, con una carriera internazionale in ascesa. La stagione in corso ha visto la pubblicazione del suo primo recital intitolato An American Song Album in collaborazione col pianista Bradley Moore per la Pentatone Records. Melody Moore ci racconta della sua carriera e come è nato questo interessantissimo album dedicato alla musica americana contemporanea.

An American Song Album è il suo primo album solistico.  come è nato questo progetto?

Job Maarse, producer della San Francisco Classical Recordings, mi ha contattata per chiedermi che tipo di album mi sarebbe piaciuto registrare. Io desideravo molto incidere le ‘Hermit Songs’ di Barber e ‘The Mystery’ di Floyd. Partendo da queste scelte, due lavori di autori americani, ho cominciato a scegliare i titoli che compongono il resto dell’album. Continue reading

“Amplifying the flute’s story during the wedding scene, soprano Melody Moore let fly with soaring, vibrant phrases that captured the full horror of the fratricide. She delivered one of the score’s final lamenting interjections soaring to a stratospheric pianissimo.”

Texas Classical Review

“This recording is a calling card for a genuinely exciting and electric voice, solidly gleaming, with the high range of a soprano but fleshed out with dark, mezzo-ish colours and with its voluptuous richness focused into singing of striking directness and clarity.”

The Guardian

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“Almost as soon as Donna Elvira, a woman from Giovanni’s past, came face-to-face with him, her inner conflict burst forth: soprano Melody Moore’s Elvira slapped him, loudly, then immediately planted a kiss on his lips. Moore’s hefty tones complemented Perez’s brighter ones. But when Moore wasn’t putting a wallop into Elvira’s outcries, she gave her introspections a hushed intensity–especially in the anguished recitative that led into her aria Mi tradì.”

Texas Classical Review

“Melody Moore cuts an imposing figure as Donna Elvira, the Don’s abandoned lover, and she navigates the character’s swirling emotions with convincing ardor.”

Houstonia Magazine