‘The Passenger’ reviews from Houston

“Melody Moore, a rich-voiced soprano, gave Marta’s anguish lyricism and strength . . .”

Heidi Waleson – Wall Street Journal

“Soprano Melody Moore, singing the part of Marta, has depth behind her voice that was necessary to portray this character. Her final aria was exquisitely controlled, yet emotionally unbarred.”

Girl at the Opera

“Top marks go to the Marta of soprano Melody Moore, a singer of great warmth and urgency.”

Mike Greenberg – Classical Voice Young America

“ . . . it was Melody Moore in the title role of the Passenger, who stunningly performed a role notable for its long emotionally wrenching passages of demanding tessitura.”

Opera Warhorses

“Soprano Melody Moore, by contrast, radiated the strength of Marta’s unshakeable faith in her fiancé, Tadeusz, and her determination to resist Liese’s calculating offers of favors.”


“Melody Moore gives Marta a dignity that shines despite her shaven hair and drab uniform; her simple strength contrasts sharply with Liese’s bravado. Moore sings with abandon when the music needs it, but the tenderness and soul she gives Marta’s interactions with the other prisoners are even more telling.”

Steven Brown – Houston Chronicle

“Moore . . . is exceptionally radiant as obstinate, unconquerable Marta . . .”

D.L. Groover – Houston Press

“Most impressive is Melody Moore’s turn as Marta. The role’s demands, both for a singer and an actor, are legion. Utmost control and agility in the voice are required, while a stoic fear with shades of hope are required from facial and bodily expression. Moore handled these challenges with ease, portraying a strong woman hoping against hope and singing with pure tone and flexibility.”

Marcus Karl Maroney – ConcertoNet.com

“As the titular passenger, soprano Melody Moore truly owns the evening as Marta. She sings with an emotional clarity and resonance that is especially effective throughout the entire piece. Likewise, her character work is stirring as well.”

David Clarke – BroadwayWorld.com

“Soprano Melody Moore realizes every vocal and emotional nuance of Marta’s “prison Madonna.”

Scott Cantrell – Dallas News