Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the Madison Symphony Orchestra

“Among the quartet of soloists, we were delighted to welcome back soprano Melody Moore, Madison Opera’s Tosca two seasons ago . . . The ladies were a wonderful vocal match for each other, and indeed the foursome blended beautifully; particular attention should be given to Moore’s highest notes, especially at the end, which she delivered with apparent ease.”

Greg Hettmansberger – Madison Magazine

Each of the soloists, including Barry, soprano Melody Moore, contralto Gwendolyn Brown and bass Morris Robinson, gave fine performances, enough that it was almost sad not to hear more of them on the rest of the program.”

Lindsay Christians – The Capital Times

“It is a wonderfully exuberant piece of music. In fact, its very staging speaks of glorious excess . . . In addition, there are four “soloists,” soprano Melody Moore, contralto Gwendolyn Brown, bass Morris Robinson and tenor Eric Barry. They’ve each come to Madison from various other parts of the country . . . There’s nothing cautious or reserved about any of this; it’s just all-out joy.”

William R. Wineke – Channel 3000