Critical acclaim: Senta at the Atlanta Opera

“Moore and Tigges give the show a captivating, beating heart with a stunning performance of Act 2’s crucial love duet. Conductor Arthur Fagen gives forceful drama to the music’s juxtaposed moments of full, lush orchestration and dramatic quiet. Moore and Tigges bring to life a cosmic, legendary love, but also give the scene interesting touches of the recognizably human, as Senta takes the daring step of falling in love with a stranger and the isolated Dutchman exposes his vulnerability.”

“Mellifluous-voiced American soprano Melody Moore portrays Senta, first appearing in Act II, whose obsession over the folk legend of the Flying Dutchman becomes truly compulsive when she and the Dutchman ultimately meet. ”


“Melody Moore as Senta embarked on her Ballad as a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown before settling into a gorgeous, haunting narrative, her voice full and ripe yet delicate, with a glint of steel.”

Pierre Ruhe, Opera Magazine